Down on the farm with Brownies and Rainbows

Down on the farm with Brownies and Rainbows

There were smiles all around for 1st Snettisham Brownies and Rainbows as they visited Snettisham Park Farm.

Lambing season was in full swing with over 90 new born lambs desperate to be fed. 1st Snettisham Rainbows and Brownies were more than delighted to help Trevor, and his farmhand, give milk to the bleating lambs - who were eager to escape their enclosures! Brave, young Rainbows held on to the milk bottles with both hands as two month old lambs guzzled down their prized meal.

WEB 2 brownies and lamb

WEB bronies and lamb

The fun carried on after when the girls turned into shepherds to try to herd their springing lamb back into its pen.

“Who’s the best Brownie here?” A Snettisham Brownie confidently raised her hand in reply unknowing she would have to catch an egg and pay 20p if she dropped it! Luckily for her it was a bouncing rubber egg. With careful hands all girls gathered eggs into baskets and carried them to the weighing machine where they watch, fascinated, as their egg was mechanically pass down the line, sorted into its correct weight/size.

WEB brownies & eggs

To finish the evening all Rainbows and Brownies were given a bag of food to feed the goats freeing up the farm workers to help a large horned goat free itself after it had pushed his head through the wire fence. From what we heard this is a frequent occurrence. Goat food in hand shy Rainbows and cautious Brownies held their hands out towards giggling goats who eagerly gobbled up every pellet. Many squeals of laughter echoed in the barn as the goats reached for the food bags instead of taking it from their outstretched hands.

WEB goat

What a great adventure for 1st Snettisham Brownies and Rainbows to enjoy for their first evening back after Easter.

WEB 2 lambs

This is just the start of our exciting summer term! We have so much more planned, including a camping festival, a cinema visit, the big help out litter pick, a beach walk, and many arts and crafts activities.

If you are aged between 4-7 why not give Rainbows a try! Contact Sarah on 07909658066 Or are you aged 7-10years old? Have you thought of trying an adventure with the Brownies? Contact Nicky on 07944014015. We have spaces available, so come and join in the fun! Register your interest at

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