‘Donate’ reflects for dancers

‘Donate’ reflects for dancers

A cheque for £800 was presented to Rollason Stage School on Sunday 23rd June to fund the purchase of two portable dance mirrors.

You may have seen the ‘Donate’ adverts in Town and Around and our article last year when Donate funds were given towards the swimming refurbishment at a local school. Richard said; “I unashamedly borrowed the idea of Donate when I was last in America and I’m really humbled that local residents have come on board with the scheme."

“The system works because people can dispose of old vehicles without having to complete complicated paperwork or arrange collection; Donate does this free of charge and the money from the vehicle sale is put to local charities or good causes.”

Rollason Stage School recently moved their headquarters to the Dersingham Village Centre, a beautiful facility, but without mirrors which are essential for teaching dance to a high standard. Rollason Stage School has over fifty local boys and girls attending each week and they have already raised funds themselves towards the six mirrors that are required by putting on a show and running raffles.

The International Association for Dance Medicine and Science says; “For dancers the mirror provides immediate visual feedback; it allows them to evaluate the height and shape of their movement, to correct their placement, and to assess the line of their bodies.

“For teachers, the benefits of using mirrors as instructional tools also includes the opportunity to easily situate themselves to view many students at one time.”

Principal of the school Michelle Rollason said: “I’d like to thank everyone who has donated money for these portable mirrors. It is wonderful to see the children’s progress and having the best equipment will really benefit them in training.

“We have just ordered the first three mirrors and our fundraising efforts continue; we’d like be able to order the remaining mirrors as soon as possible and any help would be much appreciated.”

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