Dersingham in bloom: Open Gardens 2019

Dersingham in bloom: Open Gardens 2019
Pictured: Reg Palmer's garden

For their 40th year of Open Gardens and with the added addition of an Arts Trail, the folks of Dersingham once again opened their gardens and homes to display their pride and joys over the bank holiday weekend.

Eighteen gardens and nine studios were open for paying attendees to peruse over the two days. Despite downpours on Sunday the event managed to attract steady numbers with around 575 visitors over the two days.

Money raised is expected to be in the region of £4,000 and this will principally go toward St Nicholas Church and some toward the new Village Centre.

Visitors to the gardens were treated to a number of exquisite attractions: including a large handmade windmill at Dersingham Pottery, a handmade house, fountains and gorgeous floral arrangements. Overall, the day can be succinctly defined by a guest’s comment that the gardens "are all so different and charming in their own way."

With the inclusion of an Art Trail the event also allowed local artists to showcase their work and to allow visitors to purchase some of their pieces.

Highlights in the Centre included a Gardeners forum with lively discussion and a talk from knowledgeable presenters from Norfolk Lavender and Bramble Flowers, and a talk from Paul Thompson, former Holkham Hall gardener.

Councillor Judy Collingham said: “Open Gardens and the Art Trail showcases the best of what Dersingham is about: community, pride in our homes and gardens, pride in our artists' achievements, it is an opportunity for the village and beyond to come together to celebrate what is best about Britain—our love of gardening!”

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Pictured: the windmill at Dersingham Pottery

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Pictured: Janice Jestice's garden house

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Pictured: Marty Griffin in his studio

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Pictured: June Mallarkey's pottery

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Pictured: Elaine Rowley and Tony Luckhurst's wildlife pond and garden at The Old Vicarage

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Pictured: Trudy and Marty Griffin's garden

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Pictured: Liz and Alan Stockley's garden

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