Decrease in fly-tipping in West Norfolk

Decrease in fly-tipping in West Norfolk

Incidences of fly-tipping has decreased in West Norfolk this year, according to latest government figures.

There were 1,460 total incidents in the area with the vast majority of cases (1,109) being highway incidents.

Although fly-tipping across the UK has increased by 8%, West Norfolk’s incidences have decreased from the 1,512 reported last year.

There were 2,227 actions taken against perpetrators, with the majority (2,171) being investigative action. Fines totalling £1,609 were also paid during 2018/19.

Figures also unveiled a rise in fly-tipping in North Norfolk, which in 2018/19 jumped to 569 incidents from the 521 cases the previous year.

Across Norfolk as a whole, the number of instances fell from 15,305 in 2017/18 to 11,286 this year.

During the 2018/19 period, local authorities in England had to deal with 1,072,000 cases of illegally dumped rubbish, according to DEFRA.

It costs taxpayers in England more than £57m a year to clean up after fly-tippers.

Cllr David Renard, environment spokesman for the Local Government Association (LGA), said:

“Councils are determined to crack down on the problem, including installing CCTV at fly-tipping hotspots which has led to successful prosecutions.

“However, prosecuting fly-tippers often requires time-consuming and laborious investigations, with a high threshold of proof.

“The next Government needs to ensure councils have the funding needed to investigate incidents and should review sentencing guidelines for fly-tipping, so that fly-tippers are given bigger fines for more serious offences to help deter incidents.”

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