Crown Ballet presents ‘The Nutcracker’: A real-life Christmas card [REVIEW]

Crown Ballet presents ‘The Nutcracker’: A real-life Christmas card [REVIEW]

The Nutcracker came to King’s Lynn Corn Exchange as a part of the Crown Ballet’s show touring around parts of the UK.

Christmas has quite literally come early with the return of this festive classic, performed by none other than the prestigious Crown Ballet. Telling the story of a girl who befriends a nutcracker that comes to life just before Christmas day, the tale navigates a duality of good and evil, with the purity of Christmas joy encapsulated while the cast battle against the evil Mouse King.

Intertwined with tasteful moments of humour, the show is full of personality from the start, along with a blatant abundance of talent. Despite not a single word slipping from the mouths of the dancers, their expressions and movements tell a beautiful story that couldn’t be communicated better in any form. You get lost in their world: every turn, every atmospheric shift, every part of their role. And that’s before even remarking on the impeccable stage design.

Watching this show feels like being transported into a real-life Christmas card. It’s impossible not to smile when the curtains first draw open, and to not keep that smile on your face until they finally close once more. Every detail is thoughtful, from the stunning garments worn by each performer and the sequence of winter landscapes that change out between scenes, to the way that each song perfectly indicates to an audience the mood being set by the story.

A must-see for lovers of arts and culture, a non-negotiable for the festive season.

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