Councillors vote to raise Norfolk council tax

Councillors vote to raise Norfolk council tax

Norfolk County Council’s budget proposals were passed yesterday (17 February) following a heated four-hour meeting in Norwich.

This now means that the average Band D property is rising by just over £54 per year to £1,416.51 – a rise of almost 4%.

Cabinet member for finance Andrew Jamieson said that the rise in council tax will generate an additional £16.25 million in funding for the council – an amount that would have had to have been found in savings if the rise was not approved.

The authority has agreed the budget which includes a £430.4 million spending plan with a boost to children and adult’s services – for the year 2020/21, the council has budgeted £34.7 million for adult social care and £28.1 million for children’s services.

While the supporters of the budget such as council leader Andrew Proctor praised its “balanced budget which delivers vital services within our finite means”, the opposition described the plans as “putting people into poverty and reducing chances and choices” and as an “authoritarian approach.”

Leader of the Labour group Steve Morphew also described the plans as people paying "more money for less services”.

Councillors also voted for an increase in their allowances which is in line with the staff pay award.

The council is also:

  • Investing £887,000 in the fire service, to support the proposals in the integrated risk management plan
  • Supporting the environment policy, with a budget rising to £350,000 over two years

The council has budgeted to save £395m between 2011-12 and 2019-20. Savings proposed for 2020-21 to 2023-24 total £63.8 million, with £40.2 million to be delivered in 2020-21.

Since 2011, the council’s funding from the Government has reduced by £220m and cost pressures have risen by £440m.

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