Council Tax Support scheme to offer extra help to west Norfolk residents

Council Tax Support scheme to offer extra help to west Norfolk residents

A package of measures through the Council Tax Support scheme to support working age people in the area has been announced.

Last year as part of its Covid-19 response, the government provided funding for local authorities to award additional relief to working age people receiving Council Tax Support (CTS) during 2020/2021. The borough council has funding still available from this scheme and is extending it in west Norfolk during 2021/2022.

A maximum of £100 is being awarded to eligible people and council tax bills are being updated now and will be sent to customers over the coming weeks. In addition, the borough council is now consulting on its Council Tax Support scheme for 2022/2023 and is proposing to increase the maximum help working age people can receive towards their council tax bill from 75% to 84%.

The proposal means eligible residents will need to contribute a minimum of 16% to their council tax bill rather than the current 25%.

“The Hardship Payment helps some of the people in our community at a time when they may be experiencing further financial pressures, said Sam Sandell, who is the cabinet member for People and Communities, "and we recognise that there may be longer term impacts from the pandemic and we want to support some of our residents on lower income through the next 18 months.”

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