Cliff top car park to reopen

Cliff top car park to reopen

Following the Prime Minister's announcement on Sunday, 10 May, the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk, has gone through the guidance in preparation for the relaxation of travel which is likely to bring visitors to the borough's coastal areas.

Car parks in the borough have remained open throughout the Covid-19 crisis, with the exception of the Cliff Top car park. This will reopen tomorrow morning (Wednesday 13th May). All car parks will, where possible, have social distancing markings in place around the pay and display machines. While a regular cleaning regime is in place, the council is encouraging people to download the parking app in advance of their journey to avoid contact with the machine. If they do choose to pay at the machine, they are advised to cover their fingers or to use a blunt object such as a pen to press buttons.

Signage will be in place around the resort reminding visitors to follow social distancing guidance, keeping 2 metres apart where possible, and also to only meet with one person who is not a member of their household.

Regular hand washing/sanitising is being recommended, along with the wearing of face coverings where appropriate. The Government has issued guidance on safe travel, which includes a checklist of planning a journey and what to take. The council is encouraging visitors to follow this advice.

Cllr Stuart Dark, Cabinet Member for Emergency Planning/Covid-19 Response, said: "The Government has relaxed the rules on travel and this naturally stirs up concerns among local residents.

"While we support the Government's move to give people more freedom, which I am sure will be welcome for food businesses in the resorts and will slowly help us on our way to recovery, we do have to be mindful of our residents who are worried that this move will bring increased risk of infection to the area.

"Our approach is to ensure that all car parks remain open, so that visitors can get in, get parked and easily get to the beach, promenade and The Green with as little impact as possible on the local community. We will put social distancing measures in where possible, and will be respectfully asking visitors to consider their impact on local residents.

"We would ask visitors to follow the government guidance and to ensure that they bring hand sanitiser with them to use frequently. We hope that travellers will be sensible and won't all come to the resort at peak times, spreading their journeys across the week and through the day.

"We will be checking food businesses and kiosks in the area, to ensure that they are compliant with the new guidance issued, to help keep the risks down.

"It is known that the virus travels less well in the open, and we do have lovely long, wide beaches, so people should be able to socially distance themselves when enjoying their visit.

"The Government has reiterated that the use of second homes or staying overnight in accommodation that is not where you live is still not allowed. It is important that people take heed of that advice and don't see the relaxation in travel as a free pass to visit second homes or friends and family in the area."

Until further guidance is received, many retail and leisure premises will remain closed, including the chalets in Hunstanton. No entertainment has been booked for The Green. Public toilets are open, but people are advised that maintaining social distancing in public toilets is virtually impossible. People may wish to take this risk into account when making their decision to travel.

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