Civic Society to launch petition to re-instate a staffed TIC in Hunstanton

Civic Society to launch petition to re-instate a staffed TIC in Hunstanton
The Town Hall building, former home of the TIC

The Hunstanton & District Civic Society has issued an open invitation to residents of ALL ages/businesses of Hunstanton and surrounding areas and to ALL tourists who come to spend time here with us in North West Norfolk.

Former Mayor of Hunstanton Amanda Bosworth who is now Chair of the Civic Society writes:

"You will no doubt have learnt by now that the Hunstanton Tourist Information Centre in the Town Hall building has closed on a permanent basis and that an unmanned Tourist Information Point has opened in the ‘Coal Shed’. This is a temporary move – but temporary could last up to five years.

"The decision to close the Tourist Information Centre was taken by a small group of Hunstanton Town Council members and representatives of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

"This decision was taken without any consultation whatsoever with the business or resident community of Hunstanton and surrounding areas.

"The Tourist Information Centre and its Staff offered a range of services, which are already being much missed by visitors and residents alike.

"H&DCS are now launching a petition on Saturday September 5th at 11am on the Green outside the Town Hall Building so that, together, we can gather support for the re-instatement of a staffed Tourist Information Centre, for the benefit of businesses, residents and visitors alike.

"If we do not make our support felt and our views known, we will be able to blame only ourselves when the next Hunstanton community facility is downgraded or disappears altogether.

"Hunstanton Town Council has responsibilities. The Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk has responsibilities. And each and every one of us has responsibilities too. Please do join us and sign the petition on Saturday, September 5th between 11am and 3pm if you possibly can – the invitation is for everyone.

"Your support and presence will be much appreciated."

An online petition is also planned and details will be published soon.

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