Changes to Polling Stations for the General Election

Changes to Polling Stations for the General Election

Election staff at the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk are keen to ensure that people are checking their poll cards to see if their polling station has changed and to register for a postal vote if they think they will be unable to make it to the polling station on election day.

Andrew Barrett, Electoral Services Manager, explained: "We have nearly 100 polling stations in the borough and only three have been changed to places we have not previously used."

One of these is in the Town and Around distribution area - Dersingham residents will be voting at Dersingham Village Centre, 83 Manor Road, PE31 6LN (replacing St Cecilia’s Catholic Church).

There is also a change for Old Hunstanton electors who will be voting at Holme; this change is permanent.

For anyone who thinks they might not be able to get to their polling station there is still time to register to vote by post or apply for a proxy vote. The deadline for registrtions and postal applications is Tuesday 26 November and the deadline for proxy applications is Wednesday 4 December. Information on how to apply is available online at

Andrew Barrett continued: “If people do apply for a postal vote, it is vital that they return their vote as soon as possible as there will be increased pressure on the postal service given the time of year. If anyone is worried they won't get it posted back in time, they can drop it into the main King's Court Offices as long as it arrives before 10pm on the day of the election.”

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