Camper parking in Hunstanton

Camper parking in Hunstanton
Campers are parking all day and night in front of the Town Hall

Residents and businesses are reporting problems with camper parking around the town.

A loophole in the parking regulations around the town is allowing touring camper vans to park in residential and central locations overnight including the area in front of the Town Hall.

Signage around certain areas of free parking around ‘The Squares’, along Cliff Top Parade and in the chargeable Borough Council controlled camper park precludes overnight parking with vehicle owners obliged to move at a certain hour. The net result appears to be that unrestricted areas in roads adjacent to the front, where there are no controls in place, are being used by camper van users for their overnight parking and possible camping.

Town and Around has been contacted by several local residents to highlight the dilemma. Clearly without legislation the camper owners are within their rights to park wherever they can legally as long as they have vehicle tax and are insured.

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Issues about the discharge of liquid waste and disposal of food waste are of huge concern.

A prominent businessman said: “This huge loophole in Hunstanton’s parking regulation should be considered by the authorities.

“I’ve seen some of these campers in the same position in the town centre over several days.”

The challenge is that legislation for highways is controlled by Norfolk County Council while off-road parking is controlled by the Borough Council of West Norfolk, policing of both is controlled by the Borough.

Town and Around is sure these problems are not unique in seaside towns across the area, but we are equally sure they are not prominent issues in either King’s Lynn or Norwich where legislation is created.

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