BREAKING NEWS: Training schedule published by Father Christmas, and it starts tonight!

BREAKING NEWS: Training schedule published by Father Christmas, and it starts tonight!

Parents and Grandparents alert: Father Christmas and his reindeer are getting ready with some practice runs.

We all know that Father Christmas will be in the skies above us on 24th December but what you may not know is that in the weeks leading up to his big journey around the world, he and his reindeer have a few practice runs, with their sleigh lights shining bright, and we at Town and Around can share this information with you so that you may, if the sky is clear, be able to see him traverse the skies – and spread the magic with your little ones.

The first sleigh run is tonight – 4th December so wrap up warm and be outside to see the practice run from 17.25 to 17.30. It will appear from the West and complete an overhead pass.

Tomorrow - 5th December is very exciting because you will be able to see Father Christmas complete his first double run of the season! This is to make sure that all the reindeer are able to pull the sleigh and all the presents, and if they struggle Father Christmas will be giving them extra energy food before their second double run on 7th December. The sleigh will appear from the West at 16.36 travel overhead and disappear over the SE horizon at 16.42. He then travels around the world and will reappear at 18.12 from the West travel overhead and he will disappear very close to the moon at 18.16. The lights on the sleigh will be very bright on both passes.

On the 6th of December the times are 17.24 to 17.27 appearing in the West on an overhead pass and going over the horizon in an ESE direction.

The 7th sees the second double run with very bright lights at 16.35 to 16.43 then at 18.12 to 18.16 from the West to the South East.

There will be a medium altitude pass on 8th December from the West to the South East between 17.24 and 17.30.

On 9th Santa’s transport will be incredibly bright rises over horizon in the west at 16.35 will be directly overhead at 16.38 and will go down over the horizon SSE at 16.41.

The 10th sees Father Christmas above us between 17.23 and 17.29 in a medium pass from the West to SSE.

The last training run this year will be on 11th in a medium pass from a WSW direction to the SSW between 16.35 and 16.41.

Father Christmas and the reindeer then have a little rest while the Elves pack the final presents and load them onto the sleigh. Then, on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas sets off on his sleigh from Lapland travelling an estimated 31,689,930 miles. It’s a really busy night for him and his reindeer as they travel around the world and they really appreciate something to eat and drink – don’t forget.

Have a magical Christmas

From the team at Town and Around

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