Breaking news: Training schedule published by Father Christmas

Parents and Grandparents alert: We all know that Father Christmas will be in the skies above us on 24th December but what you may not know is that in the weeks leading up to his big journey around the world, he and his reindeer have a few practice runs, with their sleigh lights shining bright, and we at Town and Around can share this information with you so that you may, if the sky is clear, be able to see him traverse the skies – and spread the magic with your little ones.

The United Kingdom is scheduled for practice flights between 26th November and 12th December and in Norfolk the best times to see him on an overhead pass are:

1st Dec between 17.48 and 17.52 approaching from the WSW and travelling ESE

3rd Dec between 17.40-17.43 approaching from the W and travelling E

5th Dec between 17.31 and 17.35 approaching from the W and travelling E

9th Dec between 17.15 and 17.18 approaching from the W and travelling ESE

11th Dec between 17.07 and 17.09 approaching from the W and travelling SE

The people at the International Space Station, who monitor all flights around the world, has told us that on other days it may be possible to see his flights but they will be lower in the sky.

Happy sleigh spotting!