Breaking News: Father Christmas publishes delivery schedule

Breaking News: Father Christmas publishes delivery schedule

Parents and Grandparents alert: Father Christmas and his reindeer are getting ready to deliver the presents!

We all know that Father Christmas will be in the skies above us tomorrow night but what you may not know is that there are so many presents to deliver this year he will be in Norfolk early on Christmas morning. The lights on the sleigh will be shining bright, and we at Town and Around can share this information with you so that you may, if the sky is clear, be able to see him traverse the skies – and spread the magic with your little ones.

You will have to be up early to catch the first sighting when he’ll be visible for just two minutes from 5.15am when the sleigh will appear from the south-east. Perhaps more manageable will be his second run at 6.48am when he will flying over from west-south-west and be visible for six minutes.

Today Father Christmas and the reindeer need to have a little rest while the Elves pack the final presents and load them onto the sleigh. Then tomorrow Father Christmas sets off on his sleigh from Lapland travelling an estimated 31,689,930 miles. It’s a really busy night for him and his reindeer as they travel around the world and they really appreciate something to eat and drink – don’t forget.

Have a magical Christmas

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