Breaking eggs, not the bank

Breaking eggs, not the bank

Twelve sessions where people can learn to cook tasty and nutritious food on a budget starts on 22nd April at the North Lynn Discovery Centre.

Food for Thought, run in partnership with the College of West Anglia and the North Lynn Discovery Centre, offers weekly sessions in an informal environment where people can learn new skills such as food budgeting and healthy eating.

Councillor Sam Sandell, Cabinet Member for People and Communities, said: “These sessions, based in North Lynn Discovery Centre, will offer a wealth of information on how to cook healthy and tasty food without breaking the bank.

“You will be able to take away skills that will help you cook on a budget, find cheaper supermarket swaps, make healthy ‘fake-away’ meals and learn how to make meals go further.”

There are 12 sessions in total, starting on 22 April and continuing until 15 July. They will take place every Friday from 9.30am to 11.30am. You do need to book to make sure you have a place as limited spaces are available but they will be informal and you do not have to attend all of them, you can pick and choose topics that interest you.

Week 1: Introduction to healthy well-balanced meals and breakfast ideas
Week 2: Budget lunches and pack ups
Week 3: Low cost dinners, eat well plate and balanced meals
Week 4: Home-made snacks
Week 5: Improving nutritional content with hidden veggies
Week 6: Cooking on a budget, supermarket swaps and store cupboard staples
Week 7: Making meals go further, cooking for one and batch cooking
Week 8: Meat alternatives - vegetarian cooking
Week 9: Plant based meals - vegan cooking
Week 10: Low calorie cooking
Week 11: Low cost desserts
Week 12: Fake-away meals - homemade healthier take-away meals

Originally designed for residents in North Lynn, these sessions are open to anyone in the Borough. For bookings, please email with your name, contact details and the dates of the sessions you are interested in attending.

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