Brancaster School News

Brancaster School News

Children give 80 eggs to staff at QEH

On World Book Day, we had to bring an egg if we wanted to dress as a book character. Although there are only 42 of us, we collected more than 80 Easter Eggs on World Book Day. We wanted them because we thought we were going to have Easter Bingo to raise money for the school but it was it was cancelled because of coronavirus.

So we had to think what to do with all our eggs. We are sending them to the hospital because they help people to get better and not get any bad things. Everyone there needs extra treats at the moment because they are being really helpful and really kind. They have got much more work now because of coronavirus. We thought we would send our eggs to help them and to say thank you to all the doctors and nurses.

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From Ryder and Harry (both aged 6) at Brancaster CEVAP School

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