Blossom Day 2019: The show must go on

Blossom Day 2019: The show must go on
Pictured: Hunstanton Primary School students and Xen Arts

Undeterred by the hail and winds that forced the cancellation of Blossom Day’s outdoor events on Saturday May 4, performers instead took the party inside Hunstanton Community Centre where crowds were treated to a selection of performances from Xen Arts, Hunstanton Primary School and Folk Dance Remixed.

Local primary students teamed up with adult community group Xen Arts and performed a series of routines incorporating both traditional Maypole and contemporary dancing. Xen Arts is a non-profit organisation set up by Xenoula Eleftheriades that uses the arts as a positive form of expression and helps to create opportunities for those from all backgrounds and age groups.

With thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund, Xen Arts were able to bring national dance group Folk Dance Remixed to Hunstanton. A truly unique dance troupe, they are inspired by elements of Folk, Hip Hop, and Street, incorporating beat box and instrumentals of bass guitar and violin. With nods to African and Bollywood dance and music, their performance is truly a multicultural phenomenon that defies any simple definition.

Engaging with the audience and the schoolchildren, the groups all came together to deliver a workshop on the art of the ‘Soul Train’—inspired by the 70s television show of the same name. Split into lines each pair took it in turns to dance down the middle, guaranteeing many cheers and laughs from both the remaining audience and the participants.

Despite the weather putting an unfortunate dampener on Blossom Day, the perseverance of its organisers and performers to put on a spectacular show regardless is truly a testament of keeping calm and carrying on.

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