Beyoncé arrives in Hunstanton

Beyoncé arrives in Hunstanton
Pictured: Beyoncé

SEA LIFE Hunstanton sees more A-Listers than Simon Cowell this summer, as seal sanctuary sees an influx of pups - and they're all named after celebs.

The team at SEA LIFE Hunstanton has had their hands full recently, as the centre’s Seal Hospital is full of charming seal pups being nursed back to health. But these aren’t just any seal pups, this is a line-up of VIP big-eyed beauties.

Summer is a busy time for seal rescuers at SEA LIFE Hunstanton, as the number of stranded pups that find their way onto beaches soars, leaving the animals at risk of dehydration. This year, the rescue team have taken more pups into their care than ever before, and the hospital has reached capacity as the UK seal populations continue to grow.

Hollie Stephenson, acquarist at SEA LIFE Hunstanton said: “Each of the strong-willed seal pups that have been rescued are making remarkable recoveries. We find that every animal that comes to our Seal Hospital has it’s own unique personality and the team here love to give the seals playful names to reflect that. This summer, it seems we’ve got a lot of big A-list personalities in our care!”

So far this year over thirty struggling seals have been taken in by the team, nursed, cleaned, fed, cared for, with Prince, Madonna, Elvis, Kylie Minogue, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and Shakira sharing their namesakes with some of the pups. They are spending time in rehab at SEA LIFE, receiving the care these VIP pups need to get them back out on to their stage in the wild.

Press release courtesy of SEA LIFE Hunstanton.



Pictured: (top) Elvis and (bottom) Kylie.

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