Bank House in King’s Lynn offers itself as a Covid-19 Vaccination Station

Bank House in King’s Lynn offers itself as a Covid-19 Vaccination Station
Michael Baldwin

In an open letter which they hope will be seen by healthcare, council and government decision makers, as well as encouraging other businesses to make a similar offer, Bank House Hotel on King’s Staithe Square in King’s Lynn has offered itself to be a ‘Covid Vaccination Station’ in order to help with distributing the vaccine as swiftly as possible.

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The historic business, operated by Michael Baldwin, is currently unable to operate under Tier 4 restrictions, but is covid secure, perfectly located, and ready to help in this final fight against Coronavirus.

Michael Baldwin said:

This has been a truly awful year for everybody, but we must all be ready to do our bit, as we have here at Bank House throughout 2020.

"As we sit in Tier 4 and have to be closed, if our hotel can be put to use for our community then that can only be a good thing.

"We hope we can relieve some of the burden of our local surgeries and hospitals and enable more people to get vaccinated quicker, thus enabling everyone to get back to normal sooner as well as hopefully saving lives.

"I feel very strongly that we must do all that we can to help our community in a time of great need. We have always held this at the heart of everything we do at Bank House.

The text of the letter is as follows:

An Open Letter To Whom It May Concern
31st December 2020
Re: Covid Vaccination Station.
We at Bank House have now had to close for the third time this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. During the course of 2020 we have had to operate in a very different manner, from serving takeaway, introducing social distancing, offering free rooms to Key Workers, and now having to close our doors once more.
Whilst we stand empty, we would like to offer our hotel as a Covid-19 Vaccination Station should the need arise for more locations. We are a town centre location with easy parking and pedestrian access and have also spent the last few months ensuring we are covid secure. We have staff who are trained first aiders, fridge space aplenty, many separate rooms and everything needed in order to speed up the vaccination process for the people in our community.
I am sure we are not alone in having suitable spaces available and would hope that other businesses could offer up their space and that it would be accepted by the decision makers. The speed at which we can roll out vaccines is the speed at which we can return to normality and start our lives anew.
We stand ready to do our bit.

Michael Baldwin - Bank House, King’s Lynn.

Photo Credits Andrew Waddison / AW PR

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