Artertons introduce an appointments system

Artertons introduce an appointments system

The shop may be closed but Amanda's appointment system is working well.

Amanda reports that we must remain closed until 2nd December, but it seems highly likely we will be open again from that date. For now, we have set up an appointment system, which is working well. You can call 01553 776659 and this will be transferred direct to Amanda, who can help you with products for the disabled, like electric beds and electric recliners. We hold stock of many electric recliners and our two-man delivery team will sort the whole issue, including removing your old merchandise.

So, we would encourage our customers to get ahead of the game and get their orders in before Christmas.


With the strong possibility of a potential vaccine against the virus being available shortly, we should be cautiously optimistic. Let us hope we have better times to look forward too.

In the meantime, keep safe.

Amanda Arterton

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