Arresting visitors at West Lynn school

Arresting visitors at West Lynn school
Reception pupils had the opportunity to learn about the varied role of a Police Officer

West Lynn Primary School pupils were visited by PC Brand and a colleague to learn about the role of the police and their day-to-day work in the community.

22 pupils from Reception spent time learning all about the role of the police and some of the tasks they perform. 

“They came to talk to the Reception children about the role of police officers and what things their job involves,” said Joanne Sewell, class teacher at West Lynn, which is a member of the West Norfolk Academies Trust.

WEB WEST LYNN 1 PC Brand and his colleague explained their roles to the Reception pupils

“We talked about ‘stranger danger’ and put an emphasis on the police being there to help and support the community.

“PC Brand asked the children if they could tell him what they thought the police do, and the majority of the answers were ‘to catch bad people and put them in jail’. PC Brand said that was only part of the job – they find people or children who may have been lost, help at traffic accidents, and their role is to help and keep people safe.

“They discussed why the car has flashing lights and sirens. They also talked about what number you needed to call if you needed help.”

The pupils also had the opportunity to try on police uniform and sit in the police officers’ car.

“They brought with them various bits of uniform and hats, and the children were able to dress up,” continued Miss Sewell, who also took part in the role play when she was ‘arrested’ by PC Brand as part of a demonstration to the pupils.

WEB WEST LYNN 2 Pupils enjoyed dressing up in the uniform and sitting in the police officers' car

“As part of our PSHE [Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education], we look at people who help us, but I think it is also good for the children to gain a good understanding that the police are a positive thing,” she added.

“We have also been visited by the Fire Brigade and talked about the Coastguard, which helped embed the knowledge of the emergency services.”

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