Andrew Jamieson joins Town Council

Andrew Jamieson joins Town Council
Andrew Jamieson

Norfolk County Councillor and Cabinet Member for Finance joins Hunstanton Town Council.

At its first virtual meeting Hunstanton Town Councillors voted unanimously to co-opt Andrew Jamieson to their number.

Describing himself as a "business builder, entrepreneur and lifelong fighter for the independent trader. A cider and Orchard fanatic", Mr Jamieson said he has a strong desire to work with Hunstanton Town Council to secure the best for the town.

The Town Clerk Jam Roomes told Town and Around that council has one remaining vacancy that they are hoping will be filled by "a dedicated, committed and passionate person who are willing to give their time and energy to get involved with the community, working with fellow councillors for a better future for Hunstanton."

Interested applicants should contact Jan on 01485 532402 or email to find out more.

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