Amanda Bosworth elected as Hunstanton’s Mayor

Amanda Bosworth elected as Hunstanton’s Mayor

Elected unopposed by her fellow Hunstanton Town Councillors on Friday 18th May, Amanda Bosworth became Mayor of the Town just a year and a half after joining the council.

The fifth child of a farmer, Amanda gained her MA at Kingston University. She was recruited by the European Commission to work in Brussels in September 1974 (offering English, French and German as working languages) and spent the next 20 years enjoying the cultural mix and opportunities to travel. She returned to the UK in January 1995 to work for the new European Medicines Agency.

In her acceptance speech Amanda said: “The coming year is challenging and exciting for us all; we must plan for the future in the context of the evolving political, economic and environmental climate to best serve the interests of our local community.
“The Unitary debate is underway in Norfolk and we should be ready to sieze any opportunities this might bring.” Speaking directly to her fellow Councillors she continued: “I will discuss with each of you how you would like to use your knowledge and skills in helping to achieve our overall objectives.”

Proposing Tony Bishopp as her Deputy Mayor, the Mayor described him as an excelllent councillor with whom she had worked on many projects during the past year. “We don’t always agree, which I think is a good thing; Tony is excellent with figures and I think we complement each other because we have different skills.”

There were no other nominations and Cllr Bishopp was elected as Deputy Mayor.

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