All the Fun of the Fair! - Kids Day out at The Mart

All the Fun of the Fair! - Kids Day out at The Mart

Trinity Rotary Club of King’s Lynn organised the annual Kids Day out at The Mart on 16th February

More children than ever attended with 485 children from local schools along with teachers, parents and helpers who were given free use of the fairground attractions for two hours.

The schools which were invited to come by Trinity Rotary were Green Park, Highgate, Eastgate, Churchill Park and St Michaels. West Norfolk Carers brought along 30 plus schoolchildren and some of the schools included their young carers.

The joy and excitement were evident in the youngsters as they were arriving at Tuesday marketplace yesterday. To quote one of the children, ‘I was so excited last night that I could not get to sleep, I just kept thinking about going to the Mart today’. Teachers and helpers from all the schools attending were extremely grateful to the showmen and Trinity Rotary Club for organising the Kids out Day. They were very aware that for many of those children attending it was the only chance they get to enjoy all of the rides.


Rotarians Peter Harris (left) and Chris Sykes with Borough Mayor Margaret Wilkinson

West Norfolk Carers, expressed their thanks to Trinity Rotary Club and Showmen as it meant that the 30 plus young carers were given the opportunity to experience the ‘fun of the fair’ which they would otherwise not be able to. With the general cost of living still affecting families across West Norfolk it is likely that few young carers would be able to visit the Mart this year.

All the staff, helpers and parents expressed their pleasure seeing the youngsters smiling and laughing. There is little doubt that the children went away from the Mart with wonderful memories and many stories to tell. Certainly, an experience that would stay with them over the coming years. It should also be noted that alongside the thanks of those children and adults attending, we Rotarians and the showmen get the reward of seeing the excitement and enjoyment on the faces of the children.

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Trinity member, Lawrence “Nipper” Appleton, is the Regional Chairman of the Showman’s Guild, organising opening up the rides early so the children could have exclusive use for two hours for free. The children have a great time, many of whom would not have been able to otherwise, especially carers and children with learning or physical disabilities. The looks on their faces expresses their delight.


“Nipper” said “The Guild members like to do community projects and we are minded that not all children are able to have so much fun without this help. We know the schools are very supportive, they regard it as one of the highlights of the year and really look forward to it.”


John Hodson, Trinity President, thanked the Showmen’s Guild for putting on a great day for local children especially those who would not otherwise be able to come and enjoy The Mart. "They give up their own free time and expense for this for which we are very grateful. Every child should be able to enjoy the fun of the fair, it leaves wonderful memories and we hope we have achieved that today.

"Anyone interested in what we do and would like to get involved is welcome to come along to see us and find out more. Contact Malcolm Wood, the Club Secretary, on 07710 762588 for details.”

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