A Reader Offer from Town and Around - and it is FREE

A Reader Offer from Town and Around - and it is FREE

It’s an unfortunate statistic, but every day the UK sees up to 12,000 accidents on its roads…

It is a very stressful and confusing situation for most and it’s difficult to know what’s best in this situation. Especially if you are on your own. So, if you are involved in an accident, even if you are miles from home, and your car's damaged and not safe to drive, what do you do?

If you ring your insurer, they probably won’t recover you if your car isn’t driveable. So how do you sort your car out? The police will call someone out for you, but you will get charged for your vehicle recovery. Most if not all breakdown schemes, (AA, RAC etc.) don’t include accident recovery as part of their package, and those that do add in the small print that they will charge you if they can’t claim it back elsewhere?

Vehicle recovery would cost you upwards of £250 - and then another £50 or more every day that your car is stored until it's taken away for repair.

Remember that £200 or more excess on your car insurance that helped keep your premium down a bit? You're now going to have to pay that to your insurer to get your car back after the repairs are done.

Already you can be £500+ out of pocket so fast it's shocking - even if the accident wasn't your fault.

However, you now have an option

Assist Protect is a specialist Accident Management company that acts in your best interests when you have an accident.

Town and Around has negotiated a deal for our readers that means you can get exclusive access to their support and services, thanks to 12 months free membership of Total Motor Assist and Total Van Assist. (This would usually cost £29 a year)

As an AssistProtect member you'll get the advice you need and when you need it, and if the accident isn’t your fault, you will also get the following services at no cost to yourself!

• Accident Recovery

• A Replacement Car or Van (like for like)

• Dealership approved repairs to your car

• A case worker to manage your claim for you (in its entirety and save you making a claim on your own policy! This saves you paying your excess or losing your no claims bonus, too!)

• Physiotherapy for any injury sustained in the accident

• Legal Support

• 24/7 Helpline

• Your ‘No claims bonus’ remains untouched

• No insurance excess upon renewal

To join FREE today, please go to:


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