A Day at the West Norfolk Seasonal Food & Drink Festival

A Day at the West Norfolk Seasonal Food & Drink Festival

The inaugural West Norfolk Seasonal Food & Drink Festival is set to take place in Hunstanton on Sunday March 17th

It promises to be an event that transcends the traditional farmer's market. Spearheaded by Mark Kacary, Managing Director of The Norfolk Deli, this festival is shaping up to be a delightful culinary journey, combining local gastronomy with the unique charm of Hunstanton.

Mark Kacary emphasises the importance of planning for such an event. Visitors can access a wealth of information, including vendor details, location, and parking tips, on the festival's dedicated page at The Norfolk Deli website.

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The festival begins at 10 am, but for early risers, Hunstanton offers a wide range of breakfast options. From the locally roasted coffee and breakfast sandwiches at The Norfolk Deli Café to the hearty cooked breakfasts at The Terrace, Legges Café, Georgie’s Café, and the Copper Kettle, there's no shortage of delightful ways to start your festival day.

Upon entering the festival, visitors will be greeted by over 30 small businesses, each eager to showcase their products. Notable stops include The Norfolk Deli, offering a selection of cheeses and deli favourites, The Tea Lady with her award-winning jams, KK Bees, a haven for honey enthusiasts, Norfolk Chilli Farm for those who like their food spicy. Wine lovers can indulge in tastings from Burn Valley and Chet & Waveney, while sweet tooths can revel in treats from Kota luxury Chocolates and So Sweet. Health-conscious visitors won't be left out, with Le Digestif presenting fresh sauerkraut and kimchi. Visitors will also find beers, spirits, and the delectable Norfolk Amber Mead at the event.

The festival's central Hunstanton location allows visitors to explore the town's vibrant independent retail scene. From Hunstanton Models for hobbyists to enchanting shops like The Enchanted Plaza and Crystal Cave, there's something for everyone. Book lovers will treasure the finds at “By the Book,” and humour enthusiasts can't miss Britain's biggest joke shop, World of Fun.

For those seeking a serene interlude, the sea, just a five-minute stroll away, offers a refreshing escape. Rainbow Park and various amusement arcades provide entertainment for all ages. Those interested in moving to the area can explore their options by looking at some of the estate agents or if you’d like to plan a coastal getaway visit Crabpot Cottages or Norfolk Holiday Homes.

As evening approaches, traditional seaside fish and chips beckon, with numerous eateries like Henry’s and Fishers offering sumptuous options. Dessert comes in the form of ice cream from Hunstanton Ice Cream Co. or East Coast Gelato. Cap the night with a performance by The ELO Encounter tribute group at the Princess Theatre for a perfect end to a delightful day.

The West Norfolk Seasonal Food & Drink Festival is more than just a food event; it's a comprehensive experience for families, food lovers, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in the charm of Hunstanton. It's a celebration of local flavours, community spirit, and the simple joys of exploration and discovery.

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