A Covid jab experience at Snettisham Surgery

A Covid jab experience at Snettisham Surgery
Arrivals at the Snettisham surgery

Anyone who is nervous about having a vaccination will be reassured by this.

Richard's story..

Today 30/01/21 at 14.25 I received my Covid-19 Jab.

I received a phone call two days ago from the receptionist at the Heacham/Snettisham surgeries. Appointment fixed.

We live about 100 metres from the Snettisham surgery where the vaccinations are administered and we have observed the orderly comings and goings for the past couple of weeks.

I walked up the road to join the well organised gathering, watching as volunteers controlled the car parking arrangements and was greeted by a marshal who asked when my appointment was and allowing me, once my temperature had been checked, to join the queue .

A lady marshal told me that she had not experienced any ‘no shows’, then checked my name and details on another list and I made my way on the socially distanced painted blobs to the one of the vaccination cubicles. I was met by Doctor Russell who double checked my identity and issued me with an A4 information sheet and my blue vaccination card before vaccinating me with the PFIZER potion. This was completely painless, and here is a picture of me having the vaccination. (Photo kindly taken by Receptionist Jeanette).

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I was advised that I would be called again within twelve weeks for the follow up jab.

Post vaccination there's a 15 minutes observation period in another seating area, and as patients left, the seats were sanitised. The whole process took less than 30 minutes and was incredibly well orchestrated. A job well done. Thanks.

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