Ensuring that everyone can access our website fully is a main priority for us, regardless of technology or ability. We believe an accessible site is one that is available to as many users as possible regardless of their abilities or the method they choose to access our website. In the meantime should you experience any difficulty in accessing any part of our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Guidelines and standards

We have programmed our website following published web standards and accessibility guidelines. The site is developed using HTML5 and cascading style sheets (CSS). Our site uses structural markup, and content is separated from presentational elements.

HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, and Graphics, 3D & Effects Valid CSS3

We try to maintain WAI Level A and AA accessibility as well as meet some AAA guidelines where possible but recognise it is difficult to maintain such compliance across every page of our website. Through further development of the website, we investigate areas we can improve and bring to the same level of accessibility as well as improve the overall experience based on user testing and research.

Some of the features we have implanted that you may find useful:

Text Resizing and Appearance

We have implemented the site to use relative text sizing to allow users to control the size of the text using standard browser features:

To increase text size hold down the CTRL key and press +
To decrease text size hold down the CTRL key and press -

To increase text size hold down the ⌘ Comm key and press +
To decrease text size hold down the ⌘ Comm key and press -

Should you wish to change the way you view the website, such as the text size or the colour of hyperlinks you will need to change your browser settings. For instructions please visit the W3C website by clicking here.

Browser Compatibility

Our website supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms. On Windows, we support Internet Explorer 10-11 / Microsoft Edge.

Mobile Devices

Generally speaking, our website supports the latest versions of each major platform’s default browsers.

Chrome Firefox Safari Android Browser & WebView Microsoft Edge
Android Supported Supported N/A Android v5.0+ supported Supported
iOS Supported Supported Supported N/A Supported
Windows 10 Mobile N/A N/A N/A N/A Supported

Desktop Browsers

Similarly, the latest versions of most desktop browsers are also supported.

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Opera Safari
Mac Supported Supported N/A Supported Supported Supported
Windows Supported Supported Supported, IE10+ Supported Supported Not supported